• Image of Tangram necklace | Triangle | Warm neon tones

This is a limited edition necklace based on the tangram puzzle. According to the puzzle rules, players receive a square made up of 7 components, and one outline of a shape. The puzzle? To create the exact shape, using only the 7 components of the square. But you don't have to solve the puzzle! That's already done.

Each necklace is laser-cut and hand-painted, with three coats of water-resistant lacquer, and suspended from brass chain. Only one or two of each colour combination are created, so you can be sure your necklace is unique.

Chain length: 64cm
Pendant size: 8cm wide

Please note: The final three images show samples of other tangram shapes and colours, a model wearing a similar design to demonstrate size and length, and the tailored packaging for each tangram necklace.